The Walter Tull Story

artwork Jonathan Boast

Welcome to Crossing the White Line:The Walter Tull Story website, an award winning initiative put together by City of Westminster Archives and Walter Tull biographer, Phil Vasili and funded by Kick it Out and the Heritage Lottery.  This website is part of a project, which aims to raise awareness and celebrate the short but historically significant life of Walter Tull; a uniquely brave, gifted and determined man of mixed heritage, whose life reads like an epic adventure. Walter Tull was a leader of men, a national hero, yet his story still remains largely untold.

Walter's story can be told thanks to a £49,900 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), £1000 from KIO (Kick racism out of football), £3000 from the PFA, £1000 from Westminster Libraries and non-cash support amounting to over £35,000. This funding has been used to produce a range of activities and resources that are available to download for free from this website (Visit the Resources page).

Should Walter Tull receive a Military Cross posthumously? If so let your vote be counted by voting on the "Have your say" link

CHECK OUT the Crossing the White Line: The Walter Tull Story animation
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This animation was created and produced by Tom Hillenbrand with the help of children from Mundella Primary School, NCH Action for Children - Brunel Estate Family Centre and 17 year old, Chris Bennett-Grant. 


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